Fuse is a very simple ticketing system originally built for whmphp.com. Fuse does not boast any special features over other ticketing systems. It was built using CodeIgniter PHP Framework and Twitter Bootstrap front-end framework in less than 8 days.

Fuse is NOT a full-fledged support ticket system. It has very basic functionality at this time. The original idea was to develop a simple support ticket system that can track the support tickets and therefore you may not find many features other ticket systems offer, such as ticket import from email. It was developed in hurry for production with the specific set of requirements. However, I'll be adding more and more features one by one as I get free time.

Fuse is ideal for those who

Some of the features are,

Admin/Staff Panel

  • A cool and intuitive GUI based on Bootstrap.
  • Add/Edit/Remove Departments
  • Add Additional/Custom Fields to each departments. These custom fields are encrypted before saving to database and deleted when closing the ticket for security reasons
  • Add/Edit/Remove Staff
  • Edit settings such as SMTP Details
  • Change profile
  • View/Respond to tickets

Client Panel

  • A cool and intuitive GUI based on Bootstrap.
  • Passwordless entry. Client does not have to remember a password to login to the Support Desk to view the tickets. The access is restricted with a access hash key which is unique for every ticket submitters
  • Open support tickets with the selected department
  • Provision for attaching file when the ticket is opened.
  • View the created tickets and its replies


  • Strict validation of Email addresses and other fields
  • Intuitive error reporting.
  • Integrated with both PHP Mail() and SMTP
  • Send mails to all staff on ticket creation
  • Fully Object Oriented, MVC Pattern and extensible code
  • Multiple Admin access can be granted using database modification
  • Send notification emails to ticket submitter and staff on ticket create and update
  • Custom fields are encrypted before saving to the database and deleted when closing the ticket