Simple Ticket System!

Fuse is a simple ticketing system which requires nearly zero configuration. Fuse was built using CodeIgniter and Twitter Bootstrap frameworks. Fuse does not boast any special features. It is designed for small sized organizations with a couple of staff managing the tickets.

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The Idea

Fuse was not originally made for the public. The original idea was to design a custom ticketing system which does not have a lot of 'not-using' features and has a customizable and fresh graphical user interface.

The Solution

Fuse was then created for this purpose with basic features such as

  • Departments
  • Admin/Staff Panel
  • Custom Input Fields
  • SMTP Email & Attachment Support

Open Source

It has been decided to publish this as OpenSource for the benefit of the community though this was originally developed for a particular website. You are allowed to download the source code, modify it and distribute it.